World Missions

Our mission at the Global Missions Division NZ is to spread the whole gospel, to the whole world, by the whole church. There is not a single soul NOT worth saving. Our drive and passion flows from the very purpose of Jesus Christ, "To seek and to save that which was lost." Our vision is to FIRST evangelize the nation of New Zealand with the gospel of Jesus Christ--establish mother churches, preaching points, home fellowship groups, bible studies, while doing so we will impart, equip and send with the endeavor of REACHING NZ Today! The heartbeat of the Global Missions Division does not remain solely within the borders of New Zealand, but in the coming years we are pursuing to take this very same live-saving gospel to the many island nations that are in desperate need of saving. In the past few years our people have traveled to many countries within the Pacific seeing a great response to the Gospel with many souls being saved


We have 4 Youth Rallies throughout the year (one for each Semester) and a National Youth Camp once a year. We use these times of gatherings to build and nurture the young people’s relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ and with each other. Over the years we have seen young individuals transformed by the power of God and mature into great servants of the Lord Jesus Christ being lead and directed by God. The youth of New Zealand come from many diverse backgrounds and much of them like many of us, have not been raised in this marvellous truth that we have come to know. What we would love to see, is that each individual young person can come before God in a truly authentic manner, by removing the various facades that we wear to protect ourselves from society and genuinely engage one to one with the Lord Jesus Christ. Our objective is to identify where improvements can be made in the delivery of this beautiful truth and to cater to all ranges of backgrounds and present to them spiritual meals that each individual can digest no matter the maturity level.

Mens Ministry

Our passion for the ministry of uplifting, encouraging, charging and equipping Christian men to go out into all the world spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ is paramount within this much-needed ministry during this critical day and age. Our vision for the mens ministry is to impart a deeper burden to go deeper in a meaningful relationship with Jesus Christ, family, church and their community. In doing this we believe it will instill within each of them godly leadership traits, all the while becoming the very role model that each young man of God needs in his life. I am Jules Matika, Mens Ministry Director. I am married to Lynette, we have 9 children and 23 grandchildren. I was baptised in the name of Jesus in the year 2000, alongside my wife; since then we have been active youth leaders within my local church. I graduated bible school with a diploma in Christian Theology. Not long after I received my local, general, and ordination licenses. I have been the prison coordinator for the national work here in New Zealand since 2006. I have been an executive board member since 2011. In 2015 I was appointed as Men’s Director for the national mens ministry of the UPCI NZ.

Ladies Ministry

Our missions statement within our National Ladies Ministry is, "Women reaching women through friendship and life experiences, so that the Love of God is spread throughout New Zealand!" With this mission statement we believe that each woman impacted will take that life change home with them and continue nurturing the home as God so divinely appointed within each Christian family. Not only will we reach New Zealand with the love of God, but we will keep our families tightly knit together through our individual relationships with God, our family, each other as well as the community we live in.

Prayer Network

The new year brings purpose to seek the face of our Lord Jesus Christ to bring about the full will of God in lives throughout our Nation of New Zealand and the world. Our connection to the World Network of Prayer UPCI NA ensures New Zealand believers who have a burden to share prayer needs, join in International initiatives to ask the purpose of God and seek the throne for individual and corporate prayer needs.


Our General Department Directors

Kaie Nawasa World Missions
Ray Hutchins Mens Ministry
Elaine Goodare Ladies Ministry
Moshe & Samantha Goodare Youth Ministry
Allen & Rangi Hemopo Prayer Network
TBA Children Ministry

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